Regen Waste

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About Regen Waste

Strategically located to service the needs of public and private sector organisations throughout the UK and Ireland, Re-Gen is capable of processing in excess of 120,000 tonnes of commingled dry recyclable waste every year.

Combining a state-of-the-art automated sorting line overseen by a team of 40 operatives, Re-Gen can guarantee that all materials passing through the facility are separated to the highest of standards.

Helping both public and private sector partnerships not only meet their EU quotas but exceed them, Re-Gen Waste is here to help you take the lead in the race to reduce waste.

Working to your individual requirements, Re-Gen strive to deliver a cost-effective solution to your waste problem.

Company Information

Established: 2003

Branches: Newry

Employees: 150



What Does Regen Waste Offer?

  • Recycling of mixed dry recyclables
  • Bulk transport of mixed dry recyclables in & recovered materials out
  • Selling recovered materials on to end markets
  • Provision of Duty of Care / Waste Data Flow information in support of our customers’ needs